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The majority of my work involves light as an artistic medium. I have found that light can have a profound impact on human experience. I have said that light requires a symbiotic relationship… Light cannot be seen until it comes into contact with the physical world. Without the symbiotic relationship of light and materiality, neither can be appreciated. The interaction of light and material is fascinating and contains a wealth of opportunity for creative exploration.


Growing up in a small town in Missouri, I had very little artistic influences. That changed when my interest in Art and Architecture blossomed after seeing amazing works while travelling. From the Sagrada Familia in Spain, to the ornate temples of Japan, and many other wonders throughout Europe and Asia, I found myself at the beginning of a path that has led me to where I am today. I have a keen interest in the role that light plays in art and architecture. I suppose it probably started with the sunlight streaming through stained glass windows in the cathedrals of Europe. Light will always play a role in my artwork.


After my travels, I enrolled in the Industrial Design program at the Art Institute of Seattle. I learned many skills, but Lighting Design was of particular interest. The idea of creating with light scratched an itch. As many Lighting Designers come from architecture, I applied to the Architecture program at the University of Washington. I was accepted and took every lighting related course I could find. After graduating, I was hired by an architecture firm in their lighting studio.


Creativity is at the heart of good Architectural Lighting Design, but the opportunities to work with light in a purely artistic way can be rare. So, I started creating art installations for events. After being exposed to Burning Man by a coworker, my first major undertaking was a 13’ tall steel sculpture that I installed at local events as well taking it to Burning Man. Burning Man was my second major influence after my travels in Europe and Asia. It was amazing to see the creativity and effort put into artwork that is displayed for a week in the desert. It gives the sense that anything is possible.


Since then, I have had other installations at different light-art events, as well as working with the Seattle Design Nerds for all things lighting related for their installations. The highlight of my installation work thus far was the SAM Lights event at the Olympic Sculpture Park. I was extremely honored to create a light-art installation for Richard Serra’s “Wake”. I love the sense of space you experience when walking through the piece, and to be able to use light to augment that feeling was incredibly exciting.  


Upcoming, I have installations for the Summertide exhibition at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center, and for the Lusio exhibition just outside of Seattle.


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