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Ken discovered an appreciation for art and architecture while travelling throughout Europe and Asia. Subsequent training in Industrial Design and Architecture led to a career in Architectural Lighting Design, gaining technical expertise and an inquisitive mindset along the way. Eventually this led towards a more artistic, creative path. What followed is an ongoing exploration of artistic expression, primarily through the use of light.

Ken utilizes lighting knowledge and experience in much of his current work. He believes that light can have a profound impact on human experience and he uses light as an artistic medium to create those experiences. “Light requires a symbiotic relationship... Light cannot be seen until it comes in contact with the physical world.” he says. “Without the symbiotic relationship of light and materiality, neither can be fully appreciated”.  Ken believes the interaction of light and material creates a wealth of opportunity for artistic exploration.

With a focus on light-art, his work as been shown at a number of light-art exhibitions, including Seattle’s Borealis-A Festival of Light and Lusio festivals, SAM Lights at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park, and Wintertide at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center – Webster’s Woods Sculpture Park. He also collaborates with the Seattle Design Nerds for installations at various events including The Seattle Design Festival, Burien’s Arts-a-Glow, Fremont/Greenlake’s Luminata, Redmond Lights, SAM Lights, Lusio, and others.

Ken is eager to continue his explorations into the relationship between light and materials, and looks forward to opportunities and discoveries that will lead to the next iterations of his work.


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